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Save up to £840 a year on energy bills with a new A-rated boiler


We believe that strong and resilient 


Are, essential for our

Future, to

Give is to receive,

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Service of our customers and community.


Our mission is to change the lives of people through our community initiatives and charitable partnerships, by providing a world class plumbing and heating service to our customers.


To change the way people see and do business, by being the change we want to see.

CAFgas CIC is an experienced, qualified and talented team of gas heating engineers. We have over twenty years of experience in the heating industry and offer the full range of heating and boiler services. CAFgas provide boiler installations with warranties of up to 5 years for our workmanship.

What Makes Us Different?

CAFgas CIC is Wales’ first Non-profit plumbing and heating company, which we use as a vehicle to contribute significantly to our community and help out those in need. The revenue that the business generates goes towards community projects and initiatives that provide relief in areas such as poverty, health and wellbeing, veteran support and terminally ill children.

We are a National Award Winning social enterprise and are proud to be the ‘Best Covid-19 Delivery Innovation winners’ at the Third Sector awards ceremony 2021, a ‘Welsh Veterans Bronze’ winner 2022 and a ‘National Diversity Award’ finalist 2022, amongst many local awards and commendations.

So every time you choose us to fit, maintain or repair your boiler, not only will you benefit from our 5-star service, you will also be helping your local community and helping change and improve people’s lives.

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